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ThinkTank FAQ's

ThinkTank Tuition is designed to help children from Year 2 right up to A Level achieve their potential. Beyond this our team are also able to provide our students with guidance on UCAS forms and CV writing.

Does ThinkTank map to the National Curriculum?

Yes! Everything your child will learn with ThinkTank is aligned to the school curriculum. Our teachers are experts in the curriculum and teach using the same methods that your child learns in the classroom. This means that everything your child learns will directly support them when they’re at school.

Will I get feedback on my child's progress?


Your child’s teacher will provide you feedback at the end of each session, summarising what your child has worked on and giving examples of topics they have been working towards mastering.


Additionally we will hold parents’ meetings regularly throughout your child’s time with ThinkTank Tuition. These meetings are designed to give you more in-depth feedback about your child’s progress, answer any questions you may have and create a learning pathway for your child to help them reach their individual goals.

What is the role of a Tutor in my childs learning?

Do you remember the person who inspired you, a teacher, a friend, a family member? Someone who changed how you saw things and helped you to see your potential? Our teachers do exactly that and are the most important factor in your child’s progress.


Our teachers will get to know your child as an individual and play a vital role in boosting your child’s confidence and motivation for learning. Your child will receive individual support to overcome challenges and feedback to help take their learning forward.

Our teachers do more than just help children to reach the answer, they use questioning to support your child to apply what they already know, and then challenge them to explain their answers which leads to greater independence.

Do you offer any other specialist courses?


Yes. In addition to helping our students reach their full potential in the classroom, we have also developed some bespoke programmes to help with the next step. We know that students often need support with their UCAS forms or CV's and our team are here to offer their extensive expertise and guidance.

What age is ThinkTank Tuition suitable for?

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