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ThinkTank Tuition

Specialising In Your Child's Future

ThinkTank Tuition is an innovative tuition provider that supports students in excelling and reaching their true potential. We offer a unique, in-centre learning experience based on five fundamental principles; identifying individual needs, small group sizes, ability over age, parental involvement and transparency in feedback.

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Small Group Sizes

At ThinkTank Tuition, our group sizes are purposely kept small to ensure every child's needs are met.

We truly believe that all children have the ability to excel. Our teachers will quickly identify where your child's strengths and weaknesses lie and prepare a tailored-made support plan to ensure that no child is left behind.  If there are any areas that your child needs extra support in, we will be sure to allocate more time in their study schedule to focus on these elements.

With fully equipped classrooms and fully qualified teachers, our Erdington tuition centre provides children with an ideal environment for study.

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Exceptional Teachers

The beating heart of our tuition centre is our team of exceptional teachers.

All of our teaching staff have years of experience in the classroom, with most still working within local schools. 

Our innovative, fun and varied teaching style not only provides your child with the additional support they need to ensure they reach their true potential, it also helps keep your child engaged and motivated in their studies.


In addition to supporting your child’s learning in class, our teachers strive to nurture transferrable skills, such as communication and time management, ensuring that your child has the best possible start.

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Keeping you Informed

The whole team at ThinkTank Tuition recognise that communication is the key to success and that is particularly important when it comes to keeping you informed on your child's progress.

As a parent or carer, you play a HUGE part in your child's learning journey! At ThinkTank Tuition, we endeavour to work WITH you and offer feedback after each session to ensure that you are continuously informed and involved.

We strive to instil a positive attitude towards learning and we celebrate progress as much as we do success. We encourage children to approach learning with enthusiam and to not be afraid of making mistakes!

Why Choose ThinkTank?

The ThinkTank Promise

Our 5 fundamental principles
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Individual Needs

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& Transparent Feedback

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Small Group,
In-centre Learning

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Over Age

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