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Depth: 8-25 m  |  Currents: Mild  |  Good for Beginners

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Covering four fundamental areas to help your child prepare and excel in English, Verbal Reasoning, Mathematics and Non-verbal reasoning.


Our 11+ classes are designed with the grammar entrance exam in mind, using the latest CEM material.

This course is ideal for Year 4 & 5 students.

Tuition from £17 per hour



Children in year 6 take the Key Stage 2 SATs tests in May. These are a series of National Curriculum tests designed to assess whether your child is working below, above or at the national average level for children of their age.

Our fantastic team will help to  build your child's confidence with every element of the tests and the question types they’ll face.

Preparation can begin from as early as Year 2!

Tuition from £17 per hour

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The GCSE course covers all 3 core subjects; English, maths & science. Our team of highly experienced teachers will focus on exam preparation and revision, covering all exam boards.

We will support your child in consolidating class learning as well as working to build their confidence in preparation for the exams ahead.

Tuition from £12.50 per hour



This intensive and result focused group covers English, mathematics, biology, physics and chemistry for students undertaking A Levels or the International Baccalaureate diploma.

Our KS5 tutors will help students to approach both their coursework and exams with confidence.

Tuition from £17 per hour